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Posted by Cormac O'Beirne on 16-Jul-2019 16:28:18
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At the end of last month we had a big feature launch with 'Gym-mode' going live so we wanted to follow up with some more info about the feature...



What is Gym-mode?

Gym-mode is a workout dashboard that can be used to when you're coaching an individual client / athlete, or group, in-person.


It allows you to open the workout for the day on a dashboard, select a user so you can see their individualized workout and loads, and their training diary to help with weight selection. Then record their workout data and Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) for them - to keep them focused on every rep while you capture their data to allow you monitor their progress and optimize their performance.



How do I use Gym-mode?

To open a workout in 'Gym-mode', you first need to send that workout to the clients / athletes you want to complete it with. Any sent workout can be opened in 'Gym-mode' on your laptop or tablet, and each client /athlete that that workout has been sent to will be able to view the personalized loads you have provided, and record their workout data.


Just go to your sent workouts list, or an individual's workouts list in their user profile, find the workout for that day, and click on 'Gym-mode'.

What are the benefits?

  • Keep your clients / athletes focused during in-person workouts by removing the need for phones in the gym
  • Switch between clients / athletes to view each individual's personalized loads
  • View an individual's Training Diary alongside their workout to help with weight selection
  • Enjoy the flexibility of multiple devices (laptops/tablets) to record data simultaneously


For more information on the feature, including video guides on how to use it, check out the RYPT Trainer Academy / Gym-mode.

Login or sign-up for free at www.rypt.app to to try Gym-mode now.




We love to hear your feedback because it helps us deliver a better product for you, so if you have any suggestions or questions please in the comments section below or by sending an email to hello@rypt.app.


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