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Posted by Cormac O'Beirne on 23-Jul-2019 14:36:47
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This week saw another big feature go live as we rolled out support for multiple coach management within a single RYPT gym / business. Meaning you can now add multiple trainers to your gym / business on RYPT. Here's a little bit more on what the feature can do...




What is Multiple Coach Management?

Multiple coach management allows you to add unlimited trainers to your gym / business on RYPT (with no change in your subscription) so that they can assist with the building and delivering of programs, and the monitoring and support of clients / athletes. Enabling you to oversee their work, manage them and collaborate with them.


How does Multiple Coach Management work?

The trainer that set-up the gym / business originally is known as the 'Owner'. The 'Owner' can add other trainers to the gym / business by opening the Gym profile and clicking on 'Add new trainer'. Trainers are invited in the same way as users, via email address.


A list of trainers connected to the gym along with their roles is displayed in the Gym profile, along with Pending trainer invitations which have not yet been accepted.


'Owner's' are the only coaches who can add / remove coaches, edit the gym profile, and manage the subscription. Trainers have full access to all other features.



What are the benefits?

  • Manage multiple coaches in your gym / business so they can assist with the building and delivering of programs, and the monitoring and support of clients / athletes
  • Collaborate with other trainers and use RYPT to train less experienced coaches by sharing workouts and programs
  • Oversee coach activity to optimize staff performance and customer experience

Login or sign-up for free at www.rypt.app to try Multiple Trainers now.




We love to hear your feedback because it helps us deliver a better product for you, so if you have any suggestions or questions please in the comments section below or by sending an email to hello@rypt.app.


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