Putting a Sales Strategy in place for your Gym Launch

Posted by Mike Heffernan on 14-Dec-2019 14:34:00

[7 min read]

The first few months after opening are critical for the success of your gym as you’ll need to attract enough members to cover the cost of your overheads and reach breakeven. That’s why it’s very important to plan ahead and put a sales strategy in place to focus your launch sales efforts.

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4 behaviours that will help you coach more effectively

Posted by RYPT Team on 31-Oct-2019 21:00:00

[5 min read]

Many coaches are experts in certain disciplines or subject areas. However, when it comes to coaching effectively and getting results for your clients / athletes, thinking like an expert is not the most effective approach. In this blog we explore why that is, and give you insights that will help you become a more effective coach.

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Why you should embrace digital change as a Strength and Conditioning Coach

Posted by Des Earls on 17-Oct-2019 20:53:00

[5 min read]


“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”

– John Wooden

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4 Tasks to Complete Before Opening a Gym

Posted by Mike Heffernan on 09-Oct-2019 21:14:00

[6 min read]

The general perception is that opening a gym is easy. Build it - get the equipment, provide the necessary facilities, open the door - and they will come - give you their money, and start sweating. In actual fact, this is not the case, and therefore this perception can be very frustrating to those with experience opening and managing gyms.

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Swim Ireland announce RYPT as official S&C partner

Posted by RYPT Team on 12-Sep-2019 14:02:50

[2 min read]

RYPT are delighted to announce the launch of a partnership with Swim Ireland Performance as the exclusive provider of strength and conditioning programming software to support their performance athletes over the 2019-2020 season.


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