Developing Reactive Strength

Posted by Caoimhe Morris on 16-Jul-2020 18:35:56

[7 minute read]

Introduction /

Explosive strength is a vital aspect of athletic performance, as it dictates both the amount of force developed and the rate that force is developed at. Explosive strength is important for various athletic tasks such as acceleration, change of direction and sprinting. Without explosive strength athletes would be less able both produce and absorb forces in competition.

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Training for Strength and Power

Posted by Ben Smalley on 02-Jul-2020 12:39:48

[4 minute read]

Introduction /

Strength & Power development are two vital elements of Strength and Conditioning (S&C) training. When we speak of strength, we refer to the ability of muscles to produce force. Power however is the rate (velocity) at which this force is produced1

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Monitoring your athletes like the pros

Posted by Jason McGahan Ph.D. MSc ASCC on 18-Apr-2020 10:00:00

[5 minute read]

The goal in training competitive athletes is to provide training loads that are effective in improving performance (Meeusen et al., 2013). Season long competition schedules in sport create challenges for coaches in balancing the requirements of developing and maintaining physical fitness, optimizing recovery as well as adjusting the training load before and between games (Gastin et al., 2013).

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Deely Sport Science announce RYPT as strategic partner

Posted by RYPT Team on 14-Apr-2020 18:30:00

[2 min read]

RYPT are delighted to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Deely Sport Science. Deely Sport Science provides cutting-edge resources for its community of coaches, teams, and athletes to help them maximize performance.


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Kerry GAA announce RYPT as official S&C Partner

Posted by RYPT Team on 20-Feb-2020 17:37:33

[2 min read]

RYPT are delighted to announce the launch of a partnership with Kerry GAA as the exclusive provider of strength and conditioning programming software to support their performance athletes over the 2019-2020 season.


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