Integrate GPS data, track injuries, and use Dynamic Injury Risk to prevent them before they happen


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Having your client and athlete data across multiple platforms is time-consuming and difficult to manage. It leads to a poor experience and low engagement from your clients and athletes, and it limits the insights you can take from your data.

With RYPT Performance PRO, you can integrate your GPS data alongside all of your other client and athlete data to carefully manage their training loads and prevent overtraining and injury. We’ve also introduced an Injury Risk Dashboard to help you identify clients and athletes that are at risk of injury and make the necessary interventions to prevent them before they happen, and the ability to record and manage injuries when they do.

How does it work?

GPS Data Integration

GPS data can be uploaded to RYPT using our spreadsheet import tool. The data can then be monitored on RYPT’s GPS Dashboard, displaying group session averages, individual data, and aggregated data for a selected period.

Your clients and athletes will also get access to their own data via the RYPT app, or the website dashboards to view more detailed trends analysis.

Read our blog from Kerry GAA Sports Scientist Ryan McLaughlin for insights into how GPS data integrated with RYPT can be used for drill classification to manage athlete training loads.

GPS Dashboards in the RYPT Platform and RYPT App

Injury Risk Dashboard

The Injury Risk Dashboard combines GPS, training load (RPE), well-being, and assessment data (eg. Hamstring Strength or CMJ test data) to calculate each individual’s Dynamic Injury Risk. Helping you make interventions to prevent injuries before they happen to minimize days lost.

The Injury Risk Dashboard in the RYPT Platform

Injury Tracking

Record, track, and manage client and athlete injuries so that all of your data is in one place and all the coaching and medical staff are on the same page.

The RYPT Injuries Dashboard

What are the benefits of RYPT Performance PRO?

  1. Centralize all of your client and athlete data on one platform
  2. Give your clients and athletes easy access to their GPS data
  3. Identify clients and athletes that are at risk of injury and make the necessary interventions to prevent them before they occur
  4. Simplify injury tracking and management and keep all coaching, physio, and medical staff on the same page

Would you like to know more?

About RYPT

At RYPT we’re dedicated to making the delivery of individualized fitness programs, and the gathering of performance data frictionless, so that coaches have the insights they need to optimize the performance of each individual. It’s our goal to connect individuals with high-quality coaches and help coaches to optimize performance and the performance of their business.

RYPT provides coaches with a digital channel to connect with their clients and athletes and bespoke tools to build, and deliver individualized training programs and monitor exercise, training load, well-being, and nutrition data. Giving coaches the full picture of their client’s and athlete’s performance, and the insights they need to make data-led decisions to optimize performance, prevent overtraining and injury, and improve results. The RYPT coaching platform is supported by eCommerce functionality with powerful automation to help coaches monetize their expertise by reaching more remote clients.

Athlete Monitoring GPS Injury Injury Risk Performance

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