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Posted by Cormac O'Beirne on 31-Aug-2020 13:42:03
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We know how difficult it is to start selling your training programs online, and working with clients and athletes remotely. That's why we created RYPT Products, to help high-quality coaches monetize their expertise without the hassle.




What is RYPT Products?

To sell your training programs online you need a way to:

  • Advertise them to your potential clients
  • Capture leads or be contacted by your potential customers
  • Accept payments from your new clients
  • Deliver the program and monitor your client's progress


All of this required a lot of manual work and the support of multiple systems and platforms... but not anymore.


RYPT Products streamlines all of the tools necessary to advertise, sell, and deliver online training programs into one platform. Allowing coaches to create custom web-pages to advertise their training programs, accept secure payments from their new clients (Powered by Stripe), and will automate the delivery of the training program via the RYPT app once it has been purchased.


Then, as the new client works through their training program, the coach can monitor their workouts, well-being, and training load to keep them accountable and ensure they reach their goals.


RYPT Products currently supports coaches in Europe, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Empowering them to monetize their expertise by selling individual or Group/Team training programs to clients and athletes all over the world.


How does RYPT Products work? 

RYPT-products-program-web-pageRYPT Products is a pay-as-you-go tool, meaning you don't need to sign-up to a subscription to start selling training programs. You'll only be charged a fee when you make a sale, and the fees are based on the length of time your client/s can access the program on the RYPT app.


Creating a product involves a selecting a training program you have created on RYPT and creating a custom web-page without your own branding and brand colours to describe in detail to your potential clients what's included and why they should buy it.


When you publish your product, the link to the web-page can be shared via text, email, social media, a button on your website etc, so your potential clients can discover and buy the product. When they do, they'll be invited to the RYPT app where their training program will be waiting for them.


You can monitor their progress and engage with them over the course of their program, and a week after it's completed they'll no longer be able to access it. You can also monitor your sales and provide refunds if necessary.

What are the benefits?

  • All the tools you need in a single platform / instead of having to create multiple accounts and co-ordinate sales across multiple platforms like office tools, email, eCommerce platforms, web-design tools etc, now you can do it all on a single platform.
  • Start selling online fast / if you have a program designed that you'd like to start selling online, you can do so within less than an hour of creating a RYPT account. That's how fast it is to create a program, publish a product web-page, and share it with your potential clients.
  • Automate your admin / when you sell your programs with RYPT you don't need to worry about sending out payment links to interested clients or sending out programs once they've paid because we'll do all of that for you automatically.
  • Enhance your brand / providing a premium customer experience and deliver a professional streamlined service will enhance your brand in the eyes of clients and potential clients.
  • Zero-risk / you can do all of this without a subscription, only paying fees when you make a sale.

Login or sign-up for free at www.rypt.app to try it for free now.


Talk to our team about RYPT Products now



We love to hear your feedback because it helps us deliver a better product for you, so if you have any suggestions or questions please in the comments section below or by sending an email to hello@rypt.app.


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