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Posted by Cormac O'Beirne on 21-Aug-2020 15:44:09
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This week we rolled out a big upgrade to the workout builder - video workouts. Here's some information about what you can do with the new feature and how it can benefit you, and your clients and athletes...




What are Video Workouts?

It sounds fairly straightforward - and it is. The video workouts feature allows you include videos in your workouts for your clients and athletes to follow. These are different to exercise technique videos though, and can included alongside, or instead of exercises in your workouts.


How do Video Workouts work? 

For you as a coach

Now you can decide whether to include exercises or video, or a combination of the two in your workouts.


If you want to prescribe and monitor specific metrics in relation to certain exercises then you should include these exercises in your workout. If not, and you just want to track compliance, then a very engaging way to deliver the workout could be as a video for your clients and athletes to follow.


When you're creating your workouts you can now add video as well as exercises to an exercise grouping. The video is uploaded and stored in your Content Library using a YouTube or Vimeo link.




For your clients / athletes

Your clients and athletes will receive their workouts in the same way but if you have included a workout video, it will appear directly in the workout summary screen where they can play it.


If you have also included exercises and prescribed specific metrics they will appear alongside the video in the summary and your clients and athletes will record their workout data in the complete workout screen as they did before.


If not they'll just be asked to let you know that they completed the workout.




Examples of how it can be used /

  • Dynamic Warm-ups
  • Recovery, Stretching, or Mobility Workouts
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness Drills
  • HIIT Workouts or a HIIT section of a workout
  • A Workout Finisher

What are the benefits?

  • Bring your own coaches and brand to the fore and offer your clients and athletes a more personalized experience
  • Make your workouts more engaging for your clients and athletes with more video content that they can follow along with
  • Create workouts faster by adding pre-recorded video
  • Make life easier for your clients and athletes and increase compliance by only asking them to track the data that's important to you

Login or sign-up for free at www.rypt.app to try it for free now.




We love to hear your feedback because it helps us deliver a better product for you, so if you have any suggestions or questions please in the comments section below or by sending an email to hello@rypt.app.


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