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RYPT and APEC Courses are delighted to announce their partnership making RYPT the official strength and conditioning software partner to APEC Courses. As a result of the partnership, a software element will be introduced to APEC’s Diplomas in Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning. In addition to these online programming modules, APEC students will also receive training in the RYPT platform, and 6-month’s free access to support them as they start their journey in the fitness industry.

APEC Courses Director of Education Shane Cahill said “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with RYPT. RYPT is an innovative platform that allows coaches to create programs and issue them to their clients. APEC have built a full module around online programming for coaches. Our partnership with RYPT ensures that online programming is now at our coaches’ fingertips.”

Cormac O’Beirne CEO and co-founder of RYPT said “We’re delighted to be announcing our partnership with APEC Courses – a leading provider of sports performance and fitness education. Both companies have big ambitions and share many common values. Shane and his team are very progressive in their approach to technology. Using it to enhance the learning experience of their students wherever possible. We’re excited about helping them to introduce software and online programming elements to their diplomas that will prepare their students for a successful career in the industry.”

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About RYPT

At RYPT we’re dedicated to making the delivery of individualized fitness programs, and the gathering of performance data frictionless, so that coaches have the insights they need to optimize the performance of each individual. It’s our goal to connect individuals with high-quality coaches and help coaches to optimize performance and the performance of their business.

RYPT provides coaches with a digital channel to connect with their clients and athletes and bespoke tools to build, and deliver individualized training programs and monitor exercise, training load, well-being, and nutrition data. Giving coaches the full picture of their client’s and athlete’s performance, and the insights they need to make data-led decisions to optimize performance, prevent overtraining and injury, and improve results. The RYPT coaching platform is supported by eCommerce functionality with powerful automation to help coaches monetize their expertise by reaching more remote clients.

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