RYPT and Deely Sport Science Announce Strategic Partnership


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RYPT are delighted to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Deely Sport Science. Deely Sport Science provides cutting-edge resources for its community of coaches, teams, and athletes to help them maximize performance.

Ciarán Deely, Sport Scientist at the QPR FC Academy and founder of Deely Sport Science commented on the partnership saying; “RYPT is an up-and-coming Irish company that has developed an innovative platform that benefits both coaches and athletes. We found there was a lot of alignment between our businesses. Both companies champion a progressive approach to performance monitoring and analysis. And share similar views on how its application can benefit athletes of all levels, from the casual/amateur to the elite performer. Coupled with a desire to work at the cutting edge of innovation in sports science.”

Cormac O’Beirne, CEO and founder of RYPT added, “We’re delighted to partner with a company like Deely Sport Science. Ciarán is a hugely experienced coach and athlete so he knows what it takes to perform at the top level. He’s very progressive in terms of his approach to coaching, and like us has ambitions to take his business global to help athletes of all levels to perform at the peak of their abilities.”

RYPT is helping coaches from multiple organisations across a variety of sports including GAA, Rugby, Basketball, and others, as well as gyms, corporate wellness providers, and online trainers to streamline their programming and monitoring processes, improve performance and get better results for their clients and athletes.

To read the full announcement on the Deely Sport Science website, click here. Read more about RYPT other partners here.


About RYPT

At RYPT we’re dedicated to making the delivery of individualized fitness programs, and the gathering of performance data frictionless, so that coaches have the insights they need to optimize the performance of each individual. It’s our goal to connect individuals with high-quality coaches and help coaches to optimize performance and the performance of their business.

RYPT provides coaches with a digital channel to connect with their clients and athletes and bespoke tools to build, and deliver individualized training programs and monitor exercise, training load, well-being, and nutrition data. Giving coaches the full picture of their client’s and athlete’s performance, and the insights they need to make data-led decisions to optimize performance, prevent overtraining and injury, and improve results. The RYPT coaching platform is supported by eCommerce functionality with powerful automation to help coaches monetize their expertise by reaching more remote clients.

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